MSIndustrie Software GmbH


The MSI-NICE Software is the successor the the MSI-WPCI Software. Already since January 2007  MSI-NICE is available for our customers. Since 2007 the software got several new functions to meet the customers requirements. Also a lot customized functions and projects for MSI-NICE were realized.

The German datasheet is available as a PDF-File and can here be downloaded: Datasheet MSI-NICE

The following MSI-NICE versions are available:

  • MSI - 016- NICE
  • MSI - 032 - NICE
  • MSI - 064 -NICE
  • MSI - 128 - NICE 
  • MSI - 256 - NICE
  • MSI - 512 - NICE 
  • MSI - 1024- NICE
  • MSI - 2048 - NICE
  • MSI - nnnnn - NICE 

All versions can be used with the operating systems Windows 2000,  XP and Windows VISTA. The main tasks of the software is to display, to store and to generate reports of measuring data. MSI-NICE is available for different numbers of items (measuring channels). The smallest version is for 16 items. In the moment versions upto 2048 items are available, but more items are possible on request. MSI-NICE has the following integrated functions:

- Bar diagrams (the number of bars per diagram is only restricted by the graphic representation)

- Line recorder function (the number of lines per diagram is only restricted by the graphic representation)

- Historical line diagram (the number of bars per diagram is only restricted by the graphic representation)

- Process graphics

- Actual table diagram

- XY - Diagram (actual and historical)

The software has already several build-in communication drivers for the communication with different device types. So all versions include the following drivers:

ISO1745 - communication protocol for the PMA - Devices(KS40, KS90, KS92, KS94, KS98, Digital 380 and others)

Modbus RTU. To simplify the communication already for several Modbus devices the main parameters are in an integrated database, so for the following devices: KS40-1, KS50-1, KS90-1, KS3000, KS3010. Also for E-Bloxx A1-1, E-Bloxx A4-1, E-Bloxx D1-1 and further devices.

Modbus on TCP/IP 

PROFIBUS: With this driver many different devices can be used with MSI-NICE (S7 SPS and many others). For using profibus a profibus card of the company Hilscher is necessary.

OPC-Servern:Due to a built-in client in MSIOPCServerNICE also a communication to other OPC-Server is possible.

On request also other drivers can be implemented in the software.

Because MSI-NICE has an integrated OPC - Server (MSIOPCServerNICE), other OPC-Clients can read and write actual data of MSI-NICE. Instead of using the integrated OPC-Server it is also possible to read the data of other OPC-Servers.

The integrated OPC-Server "MSIOPCServerNICE" and MSI_NICE are already successfully tested at the following Interoperability  Workshops of the OPC Foundation:

  • 2005 in Tampa
  • 2005 in Nürnberg
  • 2006 in Las Vegas
  • 2006 in Nürnberg
  • 2007 in Deerfield Beach
  • 2008 in Lake Forest
  • 2009 Boca Raton
  • 2010 San Leandro
  • 2010 Nürnberg
  • 2011 Scottsdale
  • 2011 Nürnberg
  • 2012 Lake Forest

Detailed information and the results of the workshops and the results of the compliance test can be found at the hHomepage of the OPC Foundation.


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